3. Recruitment: The Skills We’re Looking For

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These are the skills you need to succeed in our apprenticeships, and we’ll be assessing how you’ve used them so far in your life and your potential to use and develop them if you are offered an apprenticeship.

Communication Skills


  •   be able to use different kinds of communication to suit the situation
  •   be able to express yourself clearly in writing and verbally
  •   be able to explain and pass on information accurately

Organisational & Time Management


  •   be able to plan ahead
  •   be able to meet deadlines
  •   have good timekeeping
  •   be able to think ahead and prioritise things

Problem-solving, Decision-making & Analytical Skills


  •   be able to deal with situations that come up and find solutions
  •   be able to get to the bottom of why something has happened
  •   have good judgement
  •   be able to tackle problems and think through answers to them
  •   be able to understand the consequences of the decisions you make and act accordingly
  •   be able to take different factors into account when thinking about a problem

IT And Digital Skills


  •   have knowledge and experience of common IT packages (such as Mircrosoft Office)
  •   be able to quickly pick up new systems or applications
  •   have an awareness of social media and how you use IT in your daily life

Attention To Detail


  •   care about the quality of the work you carry out
  •   be pro-active about making sure what you do is accurate and correct
  •   have an eye for detail, and be able to spot problems and rectify them

Team Working And Interpersonal


  •   be good at working with people
  •   be good at contributing in team situations
  •   be a supportive team mate
  •   be able to work effectively with a range of different people